life exists outside of your comfort zone

    what life are you designing?

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Alicia Hettner is an Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, Writer, Singer/Songwriter, Fitness & Yoga Instructor and Inspired Game Changer who is totally passionate about creating global ripples of wellbeing, abundance and freedom.


“The 9-5 never really sat well with me and I always new there was ‘something else’ than just working 40years in a job you didn’t like, hanging out for the weekend and then retiring on less than what you could afford to live on in the first place.


My vision is to empower others to design their own reality instead of following the norm. Coaching people to get outside their comfort zone, create healthier, more abundant lifestyles and educating people on how to create more time and financial freedom through a stream of residual income so that they can focus on their passions.”